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Discover everything your hospital needs. Procure with a

single click. Get it delivered on time. Re-order. Start now by

making a business account for your hospital

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Tried and Tested by Doctors

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  • Key Challenges Of Setting Up A Hospital

    Key challenges of hospital setup

    The growing population and availability of hospitals to cater to their needs are not aligned in the Indian healthcare sector. Moreover, the average need for the hospital also remains unfulfilled alongside having a lack of beds in many situations.

    The recently bygone peak phase of the pandemic has highlighted all the areas that need improvement and shows enough predictions about the multitude of challenges in the future. Starting from capital investments to looking after regulations – setting up a hospital is a cumbersome affair

    This article discusses some of the key challenges you must look after if you are new to healthcare entrepreneurship.

    Finances and funding

    As a new entrepreneur, it is difficult to gather funds and look after all t

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  • How to set up a clinic/hospital in india

    How to set up a hospital/clinic in India? 

    Are you looking to set up a hospital/clinic in India? This article will guide you through the entire process step-by-step. Read ahead to know more. 

    Setting up healthcare facilities in India is not as easy as it may sound, but with the right guidance and support, it can be done skillfully.  Multiple parameters need to be considered before setting up a hospital/clinic in India. Let’s go through them one by one in this article. 

    1. Outline a business plan

    Devising a sustainable business plan is the critical and the very first step when you set up a hospital/clinic in India. 

    Prepare an elaborate business plan detailing the goals of the project, schedules, steps to be taken, etc. 

    Plan the specialties, treatment, testing, and care you will be offering at your hospital in detail. Properly evaluating your ca

    Read more »

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