EASYCARE (EC1190) Premium Underpads (60X90 cm) - Pack of 10

Made from cotton material, with waterproof black film anti-odor material that helps in fending off any obnoxious odoursFluff absorber with reticular embossed design assures high absorbency and comfortEasy pull-up design helps in maintaining the diapers in place extra wide size helps in protecting any leakage from the front, as well as the rear These Underpads by Easycare help with the protection of hospital beds by effectively fighting incontinence. Due to faster absorbency, these underpads are an ideal solution for people suffering from prostate or urology disorders as well as patients who are bedridden and specially-abled. Great for mobile individuals that have higher frequency urinary incontinence. Heavy protection for users or caregivers that need to contain full bladder or bowel movements.Surface Protection for Bedding and Furniture. EASYCARE UnderPads is a highly useful diaper for adults and it features a wetness indicator. Its inner leak guard helps in spill proof and its high-speed channel with super absorbent layers keeps the surface dry. Designed with refastening adjustable frontal tape which ensures the diaper does not shift. It has been designed for diapers for adults when it becomes necessary for them to wear a diaper because of incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea, or dementia.


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EASYCARE (EC1190) Premium Underpads are a reliable and versatile solution for managing incontinence and protecting bedding or furniture. This pack of 10 underpads is designed with a generous size of 60X90 cm, providing ample coverage and protection. The underpads feature a soft and absorbent core that quickly locks away moisture, ensuring dryness and comfort for the user. The waterproof backsheet prevents leakage, keeping surfaces dry and clean. These premium underpads are ideal for use on beds, chairs, or other surfaces where protection is needed. They offer peace of mind and convenience for both caregivers and individuals managing incontinence.
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