Linen Folding & Inspection Table

  • Construction in type 304 stainless steel with mat finishing
  • Square Tubular framework
  • Illuminated transparent top surface (As per requirement)
  • Magnifying glass (As per requirement)
  • Castor wheels with diagonal breaks
  • We do manufacture as per customer requirement
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Linen Folding & Inspection Table is available to buy in increments of 1

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The Linen Folding & Inspection Table is a highly functional and efficient piece of equipment designed for use in laundry facilities, hotels, hospitals, and other establishments handling linens. This table provides a designated space for folding and inspecting linens, ensuring a streamlined and organized process. It features a sturdy and ergonomic design, promoting comfortable working conditions for the staff. The table's smooth surface and ample workspace allow for easy folding and thorough inspection of linens for quality control. With its practical and durable construction, the Linen Folding & Inspection Table enhances productivity and ensures the delivery of clean and perfectly folded linens for optimal guest or patient comfort.
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