S.S. Neuro "U" And "L" Screen

Steel Grade 304
Rust Proof yes
Length 680
Usage/Application Neuro Dept
Type "L'" Type
Material Stainless steel
Brand Pharmatechnik
Length (In mm) Width (In mm) Height (In mm)
585 680 20mm


  • Heavy duty S.S 304 rods
  • Telescopic adjustments
  • Rotating sleeve to fix at desirable angle


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The S.S. Neuro "U" and "L" Screen are essential tools used in neurosurgical procedures to shield and protect the patient's head during surgery. The screens are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and sterility. The "U" and "L" shapes allow for easy access to the surgical site while providing a protective barrier to prevent contamination and maintain a sterile field. These screens are designed with precision and attention to detail, enabling neurosurgeons to perform delicate procedures with enhanced visibility and control. The S.S. Neuro "U" and "L" Screens are critical components in neurosurgery, contributing to successful and safe surgical outcomes.
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